Nov 26

What is the Difference between JavaScript and AngularJS

In this post, I will explain what is JavaScript? What is AngularJS? and What is the difference between JavaScript and AngularJS? What is JavaScript:- JavaScript is a client-side scripting language, And JavaScript is a dynamic computer programming language. It is lightweight and most commonly used as a part of web pages, a loosely-typed client-side scripting language […]

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angularjs interview questions Oct 16

AngularJs Interview Questions

AngularJS Interview Questions 1. Name the key features of AngularJS? The key features of AngularJS are: Scope Controller Model View Services Build in services Custom services Data Binding One-way Data Binding Two-way Data Binding Directives Build in Directives Custom Directives Filters Build in filter Custom filters Routing Forms Form validations Dependency Injection Testable 2. Explain […]

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Aug 18

Angular2 Routing

General Description:- Routing is the process of moving packets across a network from one host to another. It is usually performed by dedicated devices called routers. Packets are the fundamental unit of information transport in all modern computer networks. Routing in Angular:- Angular Routing is the marvel performs navigations, for handing across one page to another page […]

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Jun 01

Angular 2 Installation

npm install  -g @angular/cli npm stands for node package manager for npm we need to install Nodejs.( node –v(version of node), npm –v(version of npm) Now we need to install angular CLI(command line interface ).in npm install –g @angular/cli ng –v (to know cli version) ng new project-name ( creating new project) cd project-name(to […]

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angular Material Mar 24

Angular Material

AngularJS Material is a completely new framework as it has shifted the coding to Typescript. However, from an architectural point of view Angularjs2. Has most of the architectural component from such as module, directive, dependency injection, service, change detection and modularity. Angular JS Team released Angular 2.0. This framework which cannot work with mobile development, […]

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typescript Mar 22

Typescript in 15 minutes

Typescript in 15 minutes  Introduction: Typescript in 15 minutes – TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript. it is a strongly typed, object-oriented, compiled language. client-side application development on the web and this script start with javascript and end with javascript only, TypeScript-generated JavaScript can reuse all of the existing JavaScript frameworks, tools, and libraries. little […]

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