Bootstrap for beginners


Bootstrap 3 is the framework of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript,
Bootstrap is open source developed in August 2011 on GitHub by Jacob Thornton and Mark Otto at Twitter.
we can create mobile-first applications for responsive, Easy and quick to learn,
Bootstrap is completely free to download and save in folder we can use!
Bootstrap’s open CSS regulates Desktops, Tablets and Mobiles.
Supported by all browsers  Ex: Chrome, Safari, Opera, Internet  Explorer.
Bootstrap has a few easy ways to start quickly Download bootstrap
2. Set Directly Bootstra

CDN (Content Delivery Network) OR Download files differences

1.cdns  works only when the internet is connected. files works without internet connection
we can easily create single page applications and multiple page projects with responsive navbars,  models, sliders, buttons, forms, jquery animations, layouts using grid system very well.
Bootstrap has global CSS settings feature. HTML element classes are styled and extensible,
advanced grid system and link styles, list styles and background images are bootstrap basic structures.
Bootstrap offers web-based customization. The bootstrap will show you the fundamentals of  Framework by means you can make web projects. Earlier you start proceeding with bootstrap previously conscious of the fundamentals of HTML and CSS.

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