Difference Between Html and Html5



It stands for hypertext markup language (HTML), created by W3C.It consists of all Tags, Element, Attributes, Entities is used to design a webpage.

Structure starts with

<! DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC “-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN”>

and it doesn’t support audio, video tag directly, Vector Graphics is not possible directly some help tool like flash, Silverlight, not possible to get true GeoLocation and not able to draw a shape like rectangle and circle, triangle, it’s not allowing for JavaScript and JQuery browser point of interface .it will working all oldest browsers .its difficult to handled error, local storage is not possible not working with traditional API’s and it not support multimedia without third party tools.


Html 5 is all browsers compatibles, flexible, in this, we have advance tags, element, attributes
Structures start with <! DOCTYPE html>
That new tags are like section, video, progress, nav, meter, time, aside, canvas.. etc.
New form input types dates and times, email, URL, color, range, search…etc.
It supports audio, video, map and vector graphics like canvas, SVG.
It provides local storage other than browser cookies, and we can draw shapes like rectangle, circle, triangle.., supports JavaScript to run in new browsers
we cannot accept element are center, font, strike.

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