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What is React.JS?

ReactJS is a popular open source JavaScript library for building user Interfaces. React was introduced by Facebook in 2011 for use in its own web applications but it was later released to the public as on open-source project in 2013 May.

  • React is easy to learn everyone and less code in application and high performance.
  • React is widely used around the world and become one of the most popular front end development tool then other tools.

there are many reasons to use React in modern days due to its component based architecture and reusable code in UI components that can easily shared across the application.

  • It uses the Virtual Dom which improves performance that need to be made for actual Dom.
  • And it allows JSX, a syntax extension to write HTML in JavaScript.

In future ReactJS is going to be a popular choice for web development due to several factors.

  • It follows efficient algorithms to update only the necessary ports of the UI and faster in rendering.
  • And ReactJS has a large commonity of developers who contribute to its development.
  • Overall ReactJS is great choice for UI development in future due to its flexibility, scalability and high performance.

Getting Started With React JS

  • What is React JS
  • Environment Setup
  • Simple Server Setup
  • Folder Structure

Working With React Components And JSX

  • Introduction to JSX
  • Creating First Component
  • Class Oriented Components – Functional Oriented Component

ES6 features

  • class & object
  • array methods(Map,Reduce,Filter,etc…With examples)
  • object methods
  • spread vs rest operators
  • modules
  • destructuring
  • leet code problem solving skills for interviews

Working With State/Props

  • State with class oriented components
  • State with functional Oriented component (Use State)
  • Props With class oriented component
  • Props With Functional Oriented Component
  • Pure component Vs state less component

Forms,Tables & Events

  • Forms and Input
  • onChange Event,onClick Event & onSubmit Event
  • Controlled Inputs
  • Shows data in tables & divs

Styling React Application

  • Global Level Styling
  • Component Level Styling
  • Inline Level Styling
  • Dynamic Level Styling
  • Module Level Styling

Developing Todo Application

  • creating nice user interface
  • creating data object
  •  Adding functionality in step by step process

Component Life Cycle Hooks

  • ComponentWillmount
  • ComponentDidMount
  • ComponentWillReciveprops
  • shouldcomponentUpdate
  • ComponentWillUpdate
  • ComponentWillUnmount


  • useState
  • useEffect
  • useRef
  • useContext
  • useCallback
  • useMemo
  • useSelector
  • useDispatch

Redux – Reducer Functions

  • Immutable Programming and State
  • Setting up Handling Actions
  • Combining Reducer Functions

Redux -Store

  • Three Core Principles
  • Dispatching Actions
  • Subscribing Components
  • Working With Middle Ware(redux-thunk/redux-saga)

React Routing

  • Setting up Routing
  • Setting up Routes
  • Passing data via Query Params
  • Separating routing logic with main application

Working with other libraries

  • Bootstrap
  • material UI
  • antd
  • tailwind css

Handling Api calls

  • Http
  • Axios

React Application using firebase

  • Signup,Login,Logout
  • Checking Auth Guards in Routing
  • Curd operation

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