Difference between HTML and CSS



In (1989-1990), Tim Berners-Lee invented the Web with HTML as its publishing language.

HTML and CSS was created to help programmers describe the content on a website like <this is a heading>, <this is a paragraph>

HTML Definition:

It is the basic markup language which describes the content and structure of the web pages.

It has a very simple code structure that makes it extremely easy to pick-up and learns compared to any other language

Allows you to use images, text, tables, videos,forms and other pieces of content together into a cohesive webpage

A simple structure

A simple HTML Document.

<!DOCTYPE html>



<title>Page Title</title>



<h1>My First Heading</h1>

<p>My first paragraph.</p>




Cascading Style Sheets is described how to in HTML elements are to be displaying on screen and paper, or in other media.

It makes a webpage look and feels amazing. Presentation and ease of use have been some of the qualities.

CSS conserves your time by writing CSS one time and reusing the same sheet in several pages Supports offline browsing with the help of an offline cache.

HTML file can contain CSS code but CSS stylesheets can never contain HTML code in it

CSS declaration is

{property : value}

body {

background-color: lightblue;


h1 {

color: navy;

margin-left: 20px;





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