How to do Blog commenting in SEO

Blog commenting in SEO:

Blog commenting is one of the easiest ways to get backlinks to a new website or old website. It is a great way to exchange your ideas, thoughts or opinions about what people feel for a particular topic or blog post. Blog comments can easily help your brand if done correctly. The problem is? Many people in SEO don’t use them correctly .over the years, comments have been misused and abused. As a result, many of the people will consider blog comments a worthwhile link building tactic. Blog commenting is usually viewed as the opposite of the link that keeps on giving.

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Importance of blog on the website:

  • Creating relationships with people in your industry:

Creating a relationship with the owner of a website through blog comments can be a great way to get guest posts, which will get you a valuable backlink!

  • Attention to yourself and your website:

Once you post a comment, your words become a part of the article itself, and the majority of people who read your article will, in turn, read the comments left below. So when you comment, it will visible to yourself, website owner, author, and even more peoples. While this may not give you backlinks, it can boost targeted web traffic rolling into your site, and it could even lead to more social shares.

Blog commenting

Advantages of Blog Commenting:

  • Reputation building: You can use blog comments to build your brand awareness. Always use your real name and picture of yourself if the blog allows it for your profile.
  • Building inbound links: If you take the time to comment on two blog posts per day, with a backlink back to your website then the result will be roughly 60 backlinks per month or 720 per year.
  • Leads and conversions: If you can attract more visitors to your website, you can easily convert them from visitors into leads and those leads can turn into customers or clients and actual revenue.
  • Blog commenting can give you a greater reach to your target audience.
  • Blog comments help to grow your authority and thought-leadership if you’re name and face is being seen on well-known websites.

Disadvantages of blog commenting:

  • The major disadvantage of blog commenting is that you may receive improper comments which can lead to spam increase. If you receive too many comments, they may be considered as spam and your blog may be disclosed from webmasters. You need to follow a commenting policy in order to receive useful comments.

how to write a comment example:

Step1: Open the website and then click on blog posts

Step2: After opening the blogs, below there will a comment box,

  • They are two types of blog commenting.
  1. Name, email id, website, and comment box
  2. comment box.

blog commenting

In the above comment box, you should write the comment, name, email, and website.

blog commenting

In the second comment box, we should add the link to the text by using (<a href=”link”>keyword</a>)

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