Corona virus Effect on Marketing

While I’m writing this blog post World Covid-19 deaths are nearly 14 k. Many Countries shuttled down their affected states. When I first heard about the Covid-19 virus I didn’t think that this would be such a serious issue.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommended some safety precautions to follow as there is no vaccine for corona virus till date. Sorry, why I’m talking about viruses in this marketing category blog. 

Because Corona virus has an effect on marketing. Do you think it is really affecting?

Corona virus affecting Search Traffic? — Yes

Corona virus affecting Paid Traffic? — Yes

I don’t want to explain more about corona virus because I know you are aware of it. 

Corona virus affecting Social Media? — Yes

Corona virus affecting Email Open rate? — Yes

Affecting Lead Generation? — Yes

Corona virus affecting Sales? — Yes

Now we can’t make any challenging plans to overcome Corona virus Effect on Marketing, But we can use this time for other part of our marketing plans, 

Here are some steps to follow:


  • Discuss with your employees and clients:


Interview your employees and customers about your working process, products, service and work culture etc..

In the coming months and years these details will be a great source for your business development.


  • Prepare a monthly calendar:


After discussing with your employees you will get insights to work with that you can prepare a plan of action for the coming months. These will include SEO, Social media, Emails etc.


  • Plan Webinars:


Create a list of Frequently Asked Questions by your Students/Clients and plan webinars to clear all their doubts, so this video will help for future clients and students.


  • On-Page and Off-Page SEO:


As Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a never ending process. We can utilize this time for Auditing our websites and plan best on-page and can do regular off-page activity.


  • Review your Customer Journey:


Customer Journey is very important for every business. So keep an eye on your customer journey and create great action plans. When you have complete awareness of your customers your business will be in a swing speed.


Don’t panic for corona virus, Take all precautions recommended by WHO and use this shutdown time efficiently.

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