Do you know difference between AngularJS & Angular?


Difference between AngularJS and Angular

What is angular JS:-

Angular js is open source and javascript framework, which extends the HTML for the dynamic view which further enables to create and maintain SAP (single page application).

Angular JS build on the MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture which is commonly user designing rich internet applications.

The frameworks follow basic HTML and extension which has the capability to make the website responsive & dynamic

It is maintained by Google to allow you to develop well architecture and easily maintainable web – applications

Features of Angular JS:-

  • Angular js is open source and JavaScript framework, which extends the HTML for a dynamic view
  • Angular js perform data-Binding
  • Client-side MVC (Model, View & Controller) framework
    • Model: to Maintaining the data
    • View:- to print or display on HTML doc
    • Controller:- interaction between the model and view
  • React to the Directives
  • Dependency Injection
  • Angular js have filters
    • We have a built-in filter and we can create custom filters also
  • We can use to Validate a Forms
  • Build an SPA( single page application )
  • Perform routing
  • angular provide services, using this services we can access the API’s
    • Here we have built-in services and we can create custom services also.
  • We can build test free applications.
  • Using Angular js Performance speed also increased

What is Angular:-

Angular is a platform that makes it easy to develop applications with the web And Mobile. Angular combines declarative templates, component-based, dependency injection, an end to end tooling, it’s a fast development process. Full Typescript support helps in developing bulky applications.

Advantages of Angular

  • It’s a re-writable not upgrade version of Angular js,
  • Angular allows Typescript using Oops concept
  • It had improved dependency injection.
  • It offered simple routing
  • Angular can access API’s data using services
  • The angular enabled fast development process
  • Single page application with an extended interface
  • Fully support typescript and it helps to build bulk applications
  • It has the latest animation packages
  • We can easy to Test
Angular JS Angular
Angular js released -2010 Angular -2 released 2016
Architecture –controller and view based  on the model view controller(M-V-C) Architecture – it’s component-based structure
Built using JavaScript Built using Typescript, which is a superset of JavaScript
It’s easy setup It’s not easy to setup
The angular js core concept was using $scope In Angular there no $scope concept
If we want to insert image use ng-img


Here  we want to insert image user [img]
Dependence injection achieved  via the controller Dependence injection achieved by via constructor
Angular Js was made for responsive UI and two-way data binging of application, but it didn’t support mobile support Angular made with the mobile-oriented application .and mobile application development fast and effective
Toolchain low Toolchain high
Angular js has ng-repeat for iterating through the list. And ng-if for conditional operations Angular has *ngFor for iterating through the list. And *ngIf for conditional operations
Angular Js using filter Angular using Pipes
Dynamic loading/lazy loading is not possible Dynamic loading/lazy loading is possible

Loading only when it’s required .this make the application fast

Performance is less to compare angular 2 Performance is fast
Abstraction week Abstraction medium


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