Difference Between Html and Html5

The Difference Between HTML and HTML5:


1) DOCTYPE DECLARATION: In HTML5, it is easy to declare but in HTML, it is too long and complex to declare.

2) HTML5 has a new attribute charset, which makes it easier to define the charset

               Ex: HTML5 :  <meta charset=”UTF-8″>

                      HTML: <meta http-equiv=”Content-Type”                          content=”text/html;charset=ISO-8859-1″>

HTML 4 is have longer encoding character


3) HTML5  has high-level audio and video support using <audio> and <video> tags.  Whereas in HTML, it does not support audio and video without the use of the flash player.

4) HTML5 uses SQL Database and Application cache to store the offline data. Whereas in HTML, it uses cookies to store the temporary data.

5) HTML5 Allows JavaScript to run in the background and this is possible due to JS Web worker API in HTML5. Whereas in HTML, it doesn’t allow javaScript to run in the browser.

6) Vector Graphics is allowed with the help of SVG  elements as they are an integral part of HTML5. Whereas in HTML, Vector Graphics is possible only with the use of other technologies like VML, Silver Light and flash etc.,

7) HTML5 allows to perform drag and drop effects. Whereas in HTML  it doesn’t allow to perform drag and drop effect.

8) HTML5 allows drawing shapes like circle, rectangle, triangle etc.  Whereas in the older version of HTML it doesn’t allow to draw.

9) HTML5 is having web sockets are available and provides full-duplex communication, in older HTML web sockets are not available..,

10) HTML5 is capable to do perform of inaccurate syntax, whereas HTML cannot handle inaccurate syntax.

11) HTML5 has attributes like charset, async and ping. wherein HTML these attributes are not present.

12) In HTML5, inline MathML can be used in text whereas this was not possible in HTML.

13)  HTML5 supports offline storage support, but in older HTML version offline storage support is not effective to perform..,

14) In HTML , we have to use <div class=”header”> , but in HTML5 , no need to use <div>–</div> tags as they has new elements like header, nav , footer etc.,

15) HTML supports old browsers but HTML 5 supports all old and new browsers.

16)  A new tag has been introduced by HTML 5 <abbr> in the place of the acronym.

17)  Old Html “Applet tag” was used to display applets in browsers was removed, in HTML 5 object tag was added to display applet type items.

18) In HTML 5 the new <canvas> element used for 2D drawings.

19) The new form controls like calendar, date, time, email, URL search.

20) In HTML no standardized process to handle structurally incorrect HTML codes, HTML 5 supports persistent errorhandling viaa improvised error handling process.

21) Older HTML not that mobile friendly, but HTML 5  mobile friendly version.

22) Older HTML doesn’t allow Javascript to run in browser, but HTML 5 allows Javascript to run in browser.

23) Older HTML doesn’t allow attributes minimization, but HTML 5 allows to attributes minimization.





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