Difference between UI and UX designer

We all here saying from tech industry people “This Product has great UX” or “Hoo website has Poor UI”. 
Do you want to know what UI and UX mean..? Do you want to know what UI and UX Designers do..? What is the difference between UI and UX Designers…? Do you want to know how you can become UI or UX Designer …?
Then why late keep reading this post you will get to know everything about UI and UX Designers.

What are UI and UX?

UX refers to the term User Experience and UI refers to User Interface both are very interlinking and crucial to product success. 

UX is a person’s interaction with website, application or operating system, it means how the user experiences the product and how user feel comfortable with the product will be decided by UX designer

UI is a graphical representation of an application. It consists of everything that users see on the website (Buttons, Text, Colour, Images etc). UI designers decide what colors to use and which type of layout should be used and how the website or application should look like. 

Difference between UI and UX

This is the question you need to know now which you already know the answer in my first paragraph about UI and UX.

But in simple I will explain what is the difference between UI and UX, “UI is what you see and UX is what you can experience” 

UI and UX design course

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  • No Knowledge required
  • Computer knowledge is beneficial
  • No software knowledge required

Career Options as UI and UX Designer

Web and mobile applications need more designers. Especially Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality industry have more opportunities. They look for experienced persons work for them. 

But freshers don’t worry if you have good training you can handle interviews and can show your proficiency. 

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