How Google Bert Update Will Affect SEO

Whenever Google released a new algorithm update, Immediate reaction of mine is to search in Google about the “New Google update” to know what is that update and how it works. Same I did it now and gathered complete details to give complete knowledge about BERT Algorithm. 

Don’t panic about the BERT algorithm, Just read my post and know what is it? And How it works? Let’s Begin the SHOW…….

What is BERT?

BERT update helps Google to understand the natural language from the web. BERT represents “Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers”. It handles entity recognition, parts of speech and question and answers. 

Google about BERT :

Google says that the BERT algorithm is to understand searches better than ever. From the year 1998 google launched its search engine it experiencing searches of a different type, 15% of those searches unique. 

If you or I go to search some query in google we may or may not know the exact meaning, spelling or sentence. Here BERT plays its role to understand what the user wants and it has to work on it and give a response for the query. 

Search is about understanding language. It is Google’s job to figure out what we searching for from the web, no matter how you spell or combination of words in the query. With the latest update from the Google research team, Natural Language Processing (NLP) it is easy to understand the search queries. 

Changes you can see after the BERT update :

Google explained the BERT algorithm with some examples, “2019 brazil traveler to USA need a visa” is the query and check out before and after the results of Google. 

The query is about Brazilian traveling to the USA, but in the first result, google gave the result another way around. Now in the second result google understand the relation between the words in the query and gave result about US Embassy & Consulates in Brazil. 

Now another example “Can you get medicine for someone pharmacy”

Does BERT is a major update from Google?

The answer is yes, BERT update will affect complicated search queries that depend on context. So it is considered as a major update. Google updates like Panda, Penguin BERT also specifically designed to improve search quality. 


Finally “Content is king” Just write for users not for search engines. No update can stop your rankings if you are writing for your users. Every Google update is to penalize spammers who try to manipulate search engines.  

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