HTML5 Interview Questions

  1. What is Web Designing?
  2. What does a Web Designer do?
  3. What is the browser?
  4. Who is the client?
  5. What is the server?
  6. What is Editor?
  7. Difference between web designing and web development.
  8. What is an element?
  9. What is a Nested HTML element?
  10. What is an Empty HTML element?
  11. What is a tag? How is tag used in HTML?
  12. How many types of lists are there in HTML?
  13. What is the syntax for the unordered list?
  14. What is an Attribute?
  15.  Explain five important attributes?
  16. How many types of Headings are there in HTML?
  17. How to create paragraph?
  18. what is the meaning of <br> tag?
  19. What is the use of Style Element?
  20. How to use color for text?
  21. What are Text Formatting Elements?
  22. What are the HTML Quotation elements?
  23. What are the HTML Citation elements?
  24. What is the use of <blockquote> tag?
  25. How to write comments in HTML?
  26. What is a HyperLink?
  27. Syntax of Hyperlink
  28. Html Images syntax
  29. Define HTML table
  30. What is the use of Class Attribute?
  31. How to use Class Attribute?
  32. How to use ID Attribute?
  33. What are the Different Input types in HTML?
  34. Explain two Input Attributes in HTML

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