Introduction to blogging

What is Blogging?

Blogging is often described as an easy interface to publish content on the web. Blogs can be used to publish news and reviews and to discuss products and services. They are easy to update and to communicate online with customers and people interested in particular products or services. 

The web contains blogs on every issue in the Universe. It is estimated that there are more than 150 million online blogs around the Internet! A few blogs revolve around only one subject, while others talk about a wide range of things. A few websites are kept up by one individual, and others include a large group of various writers.

How to use Blogging?

There are numerous reasons to begin blogging It can be for individual use and business blogging. Blogging for business or whatever else that may bring you income has an exceptionally clear reason. 

As a business, you can be visible for your customers and help them to continue purchasing your items and services. If it is a new business, you can depend on blogging in getting customers and catch their vision. Without blogging, your site would stay unidentical, though running a blog makes you accessible and aggressive.

when you utilize your blogging information for making attractive and engaging in posts, it creates trust with your audience. Blogging makes your business believable, which is particularly significant if your image is as yet young and genuinely obscure. It guarantees nearness and authority simultaneously.

Basic Blog Structure

The presence of websites changes regularly, and these days sites present various things. Most websites follow some standards and structures. 

Here are regular standards and structures blogs will include:

  • Header with logo, menu, and contact details
  • A content area which is writers playground
  • Sidebar with categories, latest posts, Social profiles, etc.,
  • Footer with menu, privacy policy, contact details

Difference between Blog and Website

After years still, there are people discussing the difference between Blogs and Websites. Many websites have a blog as a page and when we enter into the blog page you can experience real blog flavor there.

The main and good difference between a blog and a website is that blogs are normally updated with new content, which is shown backward sequential order (reverse chronological order). 

Users or readers can post their comments on the blog. It is not possible directly in the website. It can be possible only if the website owner gives a chance to contact him with a contact form or anything like.

Most of the websites are static (partially) in nature where content is sorted out in pages, and they are not updated often. Though a blog is dynamic, and it is generally updated all the more much of the time. A few bloggers write numerous new articles a day.

Both the website and blogs can be designed and updated using WordPress. So most of the bloggers and website owners/designers prefer WordPress for their website/blog.

In simple I can say that you can include a blog on your website and also you can add a static/dynamic website to your blog.

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