javascript coaching in hyderabad

JavaScript introduction

  • What is JavaScript?
  • Scripting vs Programming
  • Editors
  • First program
  • Commenting
  • Basics Debugging


  • What is variable?
  • How to declare?
  • Type of


  • Arithmetic Operators
  • Comparison Operators
  • Logical Operators
  • Increment / decrement
  • Boolean
  • Delete, in, Type of, instance of, void

Conditional statements

  • If
  • If else
  • Else if


  • For loop
  • While loop
  • Do-While
  • 10 assignments


  • Function introduction
  • Passing parameters
  • Working with “return”
  • Local & Global variables
  • Hoisting
  • Let vs Var
  • IFFE, Self calling function
  • Closure


  • What is array? Where is it use?
  • Array Properties & Methods:
    • length
    • push, pop, Shift, unshift, splice, .etc
    • sort, map, filter, reduce..etc
    • foreach, for-in, for-of


  • string methods
  • string properties


  • number basics
  • number – string conversions

Math Object

  • Random
  • Round
  • Ceil
  • floor
  • Max,Math.min
  • Math.pow,Math.sqrt,Math.abs

Object & oop

  • Object Definition
  • Key-value pair (Json object)
  • Constructor
    • Inheritance
    • Encapsulation
  • Design Patterns
    • Prototype pattern
    • Module pattern


  • Understanding the Document Object Model
  • Targeting DOM Element’s
  • Changing Element’s Content’s
  • Changing Element Style’s
  • Event Handlers & Event Listener
  • Create & appendChild & insertBefore method’s
  • Form-validation, Form-validation using regEx
  • 10 Practical assignments


  • Window
  • Location
    • Href
    • Hostname
    • Pathname
    • Port
    • Protocol
    • Assign()
  • History
  • Screen
  • Navigator
  • Cookie


  • Local Storage
  • Session Storage

Ajax Using JavaScript

  • 5 Assignments

What is javascript:

JavaScript may be a loosely-typed client side scripting language that executes within the user’s browser. JavaScript interact with html elements (DOM elements) so as to form interactive web interface .JavaScript are often utilized in various activities like data validation, display popup messages, handling different events of DOM elements, modifying sort of DOM elements etc. the subsequent sample form uses JavaScript to validate data and alter color of form.

Why Javascript course:

JavaScript is one among the three languages all web developers must learn:

  1. HTML to define the contensitest of 
  2. CSS to specify the layout of sites
  3. JavaScript to program the behavior of sites

Web pages aren’t the sole place where JavaScript is employed . Many desktop and server programs use JavaScript. Node.js is that the best known. Some databases, like MongoDB and CouchDB, also use JavaScript as their programing language .

Why Javascript Training in SSLABS:

  • SSLABS offers the simplest Javascript training in Hyderabad with a real-time project.
  • SSLABS Trainers have quite 5 years of experience in their field and that they can train students alright .
  • SSLABS provides a good academic curriculum and it meets the market requirements.
  • Perform A regular tasks and daily assessments to help improve their technical skills.
  • Daily class notes will send via Mail.

Who can join the Javascript course:

  • Anyone who have passion to become master of JavaScript in UI development areas of sites and web applications.
  • If you’ve got good amount of data of HTML and CSS.
  • Someone who wants to understand all the nuts and bolts of Object Oriented JavaScript or OOJS and style Patterns too along side all the fundamentals of JavaScript.
  • If you would like to understand the coding secrets of todays hottest frameworks and libraries of JavaScript.

Objectives of Javascript:


  • Objects are more complex and every object may contain any combination of those primitive data-types also as reference data-types.
  • An object, may be a reference data type. Variables that are assigned a reference value are given a reference or a pointer thereto value. That reference or pointer points to the situation in memory where the thing is stored. The variables don’t actually store the worth .


Course Requirements & Prerequisites:

There is not touch prerequisites for learning JavaScript. Here are a number of the prerequisite for learning

  • Candidate desirous of seeking enrollment beforehand JavaScript course must have sound knowledge of HTML and CSS.
  • Knowledge of JavaScript or the other programing language isn’t essential to hitch this course.
  • Finally you ought to have strong will to find out and master Java programing language . Learning Java is takes a many time and efforts. So, you’ve got to be hard working and dedicated towards learning Java programing language .

SSLABS adds unique scheduling flexibility you will not find at most Software Training Institutes

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Q) What is the duration of Class?

A) Weekday Training classes are going to be one hour long and weekend classes are going to be three hours long.

Q)Do you help in interview Preparation ?

A)Yes, we’ll assist our students with all the Interview preparation techniques.

Q)What is the difference between javascript and java?

A)Java is employed during a wide selection of places, including Android apps, mastercard programming and within the creation of desktop applications and web enterprise applications.By comparison, JavaScript is especially wont to make sites more interactive.It are often used as an alternate to Flash, though most programmers will tell you that JavaScript is more popular and has more functionality than Flash.JavaScript are often wont to do neat things like creating animation in HTML.

Q)Which is the current version of javascript?

A)The latest JavaScript in use is version 1.8.5 released on 27 July, 2010.

Q)How are the work shop conducted?

A)Javascript workshops at SSLABS are always interactive, immersive and intensive hands-on programs. There are 3 modes of Delivery and you’ll select supported the wants –

Online Classroom training: Learn from anywhere through the foremost preferred virtual live instructor led training with the assistance of hands-on training and interactive sessions

One-to-One Training: you’ll enrol for one-to-one Node js classroom training session with our expert trainer at a preferred time. With this mode, you’ll customize your curriculum to fit your learning needs.

Team/Corporate Training: during this sort of training, a corporation can nominate their entire team for online or classroom training. you’ll customize your curriculum to fit your learning needs and also get post-training expert’s support to implement Node js concepts within the project.

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