Typescript in 15 minutes

Typescript in 15 minutes


Typescript in 15 minutes – TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript. it is a strongly typed, object-oriented, compiled language.

client-side application development on the web and this script start with javascript and end with javascript only,

TypeScript-generated JavaScript can reuse all of the existing JavaScript frameworks, tools, and libraries.

little bit more features like support for various data typed and more it is  portable across browsers, devices, and operating systems,

JavaScript support ECMA Script-5 only

Typescript supports ES-6 and above, it has the ability to compile down to a version of JavaScript that runs on all browsers, and it is Clean,

Manageable and maintainable code and namespacing concept,

You can use it to manipulate the DOM

It supports new features in JavaScript, like support for class-based object-oriented programming.

We can catch the error early, allows development by class, similar to Java.

typescript in 15 minutes

There are two main ways to get this tool:

  • Via npm (the Node.js package manager)

> npm install -g typescript

At the command line, run the compiler:

>tsc filename.ts

(if we compile .ts file it will generate .js file)

  • By installing TypeScript’s Visual Studio plugins



Typescript Official Website

Typescript wikipedia

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